Al-Baghdadi Foodstuff Manufacturing and Trading Company in Gaziantep Turkey is one of the companies associated with the Baghdadi Group of Companies since the day of the establishment of Al-Baghdadi Company, and to this day has not lost its high quality since 1967 until our date.

we started from our first factory in Baghdad for which manufacture detergents and through our second plant for the production and packing of lentels,rice, and defrant kinds of seeds  and food powder products like spices  to the latest production unit in the city of Gaziantep. The factory is trying to export its products to many countries with a focus on the Iraqi market which we start in and people know us .

With produce over  100 products in defrant brands, nutssy , oregganoo, a.m.l, and the Private Label for both antep  and Spicy brand.

Al-Baghdadi competes with international brands by maintaining the quality of its products on a permanent basis and constantly inspecting its products and maintaining the appropriate prices commensurate with the market demand in addition to the high flexibility shown by our company to deal with other companies in terms of packing for others or giving to commercial agencies

Al-Baghdadi Foodstuff attaches great importance to research and development activities with the aim of continuing to compete globally and providing the best continuous service and product to its customers.